I had laughed at this beautiful, magickal woman. Me? Start a blog?
Six months later, I had begun toying with a way to create a community that could learn and grow together.
The timing slapped me in the face and I had to laugh again.
I don’t really know why it took me so long to pursue a path that had clearly had a hold on me from a young age.  I grew up surrounded by spirits, a deep connection to my intuition and the ever present knowledge that there was something “else” I needed to grasp in the world.
I know deep in my bones that sharing my space with you is my calling. I yearn to learn and grow and support others in this community to understand their power and love themselves and each other.

I am still honing and developing my craft. I hope that sharing all of the ups and downs of my journey teaches others that it is perfectly acceptable to stumble around as your find your way. Pure intention, the balance of energy, and attempting to understand ones self will guide you through trials that you thought would stop you in your tracks.

We’re all made of stardust and I think that is pretty damn magickal.

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